Morgane Moore
Escort Paris

Address: Paris

Phone: 514

Age: 25

Website: Not available

Description - Morgane Moore Escort Paris

Hello and thank you for stopping by my page.

I am a person who likes living life by my own terms. What about yourself?

I am a very well educated and worldly companion and very much in touch with reality, you will be pleased to hear. I am often described as a very canadienne-française (my home!) enchanteress and "bonne vivante", all natural slim "petite" figure, that a meticulous diet and training have given me.

For me it is very simple. When we are together, I truly want to be having as much fun as yourself. If I don't sense this will be the case, I prefer to stay home and rearrange my sock drawer.

I do not take myself too seriously, I prefer to surround myself with those who possess an altruistic upbeat disposition and are drama free…life is too short! I like to apply the adage of quality over quantity, from how I spend my time, with all things in moderation, including the company I keep. By this I mean a gentlemen in the true sense, one with old school manners, values and a passionnate soul. If this seems like you then make yourself know as I will be very receptive to your proposal.

I take each appointment with sufficiant notice (24h to 48h prior minimum), via my email address: MISSMORGANEMOORE@GMAIL.COM what are you waiting for? Carpe Diem.